Trainings offered

Every one of our acquisition training experiences focuses on the customer’s objectives and lends a tailored approach to each of our classes. We will work with you to determine what aspects of the acquisition process require a particular focus, then we modify our delivery to ensure that you are fully satisfied. The customer is always right, and our goal is to focus on your training intent. Our government contracting curriculum has been developed by certified acquisition professionals and articulated in a simplistic efficient manner. Every comprehensive training course is designed to maximize the training benefit by employing a variety of teaching techniques that include heavy use of thought-provoking lectures, exercises, personal one on one interaction, and open discussions. The cumulative effect of this acquisition training experience builds the skills and nurtures the attributes and qualities of character which are essential for Government acquisition professionals in today’s complex environments.


Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Fundamentals (FORMERLY CON 091)

This fourteen-day course is worth 75 Continuous Learning Points. This course will focus on understanding contract formation and management principles, as well as regulatory fundamentals and their application. You will be provided with the fundamental knowledge and practical application that can be applied immediately in the workplace across the broad spectrum of contracting organizations. In the first part of the course, you will develop critical skills necessary to locate, interpret, and apply regulatory guidance in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR); your agency’s supplement; Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS); DFARS Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI); and Class Deviations. Subsequent lessons will focus on the fundamentals of contract formation and management principles, to include the practical application of the FAR/DFARS/DFARS PGI class deviations to real-world scenarios. Cost is $15,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $200 for each additional student.

CON 1100 Contract Foundational Skills  

CON 1100V is a DAU equivalent course worth 64 Continuous Learning Points or 6.4 Continuous Education Units. It is the 1st of 4 Contracting Certification courses within the Contracting Certification Training Program at DAU. It is a pre-requisite to CON 1200V, CON 1300V, and CON 1400V. This course was designed using a variety of different learning methods and tools, with the intent to cover the associated job tasks within the DoD Contracting Competency Model. This course is likely the first formal DAU CON training students will experience. It will also be their first introduction to DAU. As such, it is requested you do all you can to make this learning experience professional, engaging, and even enjoyable for these new contracting professionals. Cost is $7,500.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $200 for each additional student.

CON 1100V is comprised of 8 units of instruction. These units are delivered as virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions or self-paced learning coursework. Below is a notional schedule (schedule may vary based on your offering).

Pre-course: Consists of 1.5 hours (0 hours VILT and 1.5 self-paced) broken out as follows:

Unit 00 – Pre-course Work (1.5 hours self-paced)


Week 1: Consists of 9.9 hours (3.8 hours Virtual Training (VIRT) and 6.1 self-paced (SP)) broken out as follows:

                     Unit 01, Day 1 – Introduction to CON 1100V (3.8 hours VILT)

                     Unit 02, Day 2 – Contracting Life Cycle (3.8 hours SP)

                     Unit 03, Day 3 – Contract Principles (2.3 hours SP)


 Week 2: Consists of 24.9 hours (19.3 hours VILT and 5.6 SP) as follows:

                     Unit 05, Day 1 – Understanding Regulations (3.3 hours VILT, 1.8 hours SP)

                     Unit 06, Day 2 – Understanding Regulations (5.3 hours VILT, 1.5 hours SP)

                     Unit 04, Day 3 – Understanding Regulations (5.5 hours VILT, 1.3 hours SP)

                     Unit 04, Day 4 – Understanding Regulations (3.5 hours VILT, 1.0 hours SP)

                     Unit 04, Day 5 – Understanding Regulations (1.7 hours VILT)

contract officer representative refresher

COR Refresher is a one day course worth 8 Continuous Learning Points. This one-day elective course is custom-designed to help contracting officer’s representatives (CORs) remain current within the rapidly changing contract requirements world. You will gain an overview of the acquisition process with a focus on the roles and responsibilities of a COR, including the administrative duties as outlined in the delegation letter. Through this course, you will maintain your required continuous learning points (CLPs) as well as be refreshed on updated contract requirements. Cost is $1,500.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.


Developing Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) is a three-day course worth 24 Continuous Learning Points. The purpose of the IGCE is to develop an assessment of the probable cost of services being acquired and to help determine the reasonableness of an offeror’s proposed costs; pursuant to the FAR, and the offeror’s understanding of the work. An IGCE is required for every new acquisition that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT). The IGCE is a cost estimate developed by the Government Requiring Activity without contractor influence; based on the requirements of the Performance Work Statement (PWS) or Statement of Work (SOW). This course outlines the development of the IGCE and assists the learner in the preparation of the IGCE by applying associated methods and general best practices. Cost is $4,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

COR 222 contract officer representative level ii 

COR 222 is a five day course worth 32 Continuous Learning Points or 3.2 Continuous Education Units. This virtual instructor-led training (VILT) course is specifically designed for Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) who are responsible for assuring that contractors perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. COR 222 will provide CORs the breadth of knowledge required to perform their role, including knowledge related to COR roles and responsibilities, as well as fundamentals of contracting regulations, types, phases, and other elements; awareness of ethical and legal factors that impact COR responsibilities; and information necessary to effectively evaluate situations, apply knowledge gained, and make correct decisions to carry out COR responsibilities. Cost is $6,500.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $200 for each additional student.

BASIC Contracting Officer Representative i

Basic COR I is worth 8 Continuous Learning Points. This one-day, introductory course contains an overview of the acquisition process with a focus on the basic roles and responsibilities of a contracting officer’s representative (COR). The COR functions as the eyes and ears of the contracting officer, working to provide effective contract oversight. You will leave the class with an appreciation of your role and responsibilities, an understanding of how to communicate with both contractors and contracting officials, and a knowledge of general COR requirements. Cost is $1,500.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts (Formerly CON 280)

CON 280 is worth 97 Continuous Learning Points or 9.7 Continuous Education Units. This ten-day course builds on the foundation established through the Level I curriculum and the course prerequisites. The primary focus is on the acquisition of services under FAR Part 15 procedures, with an emphasis on performance-based acquisitions (PBA) for services, contract types, contract incentives, source selection, and contract administration. Students will learn the fundamentals of a performance-based service acquisition -- from acquisition planning to contract closeout through a realistic case study. The course takes students through the solicitation process using the mandatory DoD Source Selection Procedures. Students will prepare contractual documents, and develop and deliver high-level source selection briefings with recommendations for contract award. Cost is $13,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $200 for each additional student.

Contracting for Decision Makers (Formerly con 360)

CON 360 is an eight day course worth 55 Continuous Learning Points or 5.5 Continuous Education Units. Through realistic scenario-based learning, students work individually and in teams to practice developing sound business solutions as a valued strategic and expert business advisor. Students will learn to analyze complex contracting situations with emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, research, and risk reduction. Student course work is designed to contribute real solutions on real acquisition problems to senior leadership and local supervisors. Cost is $10,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $200 for each additional student.

Contracting For Best Value

This class is worth 16 Continuous Learning Points. As an Acquisition professional, you help operational people do their jobs so they can support their people. You’re going to have the role or assist the person who has the role. Understanding roles and responsibilities is critical. In this class, You will learn best practices, policy, and seven-step process for services acquisitions. Additionally, you will learn about the Best Value Continuum, which defines the importance of evaluation factors in negotiated acquisitions. The Best Value Continuum ranges from acquisitions that prioritize cost or price over technical factors (lowest price technically acceptable/LPTA), to acquisitions that prioritize technical factors over cost or price (tradeoff). Cost is $2,500.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

Evaluating contractor performance

This three-day course is worth 24 Continuous Learning Points. The course is designed for program managers, project officers, contracting officer’s representatives, contract administrators, and others.  Participants will examine requirements documents and quality assurance surveillance plans, as well as understand performance requirement standards through the use of real-world examples and in-class exercises.  This course will also explore the role of contract risk and contract type as it pertains to performance evaluations, and the purpose and value of evaluating contractor performance.  Explain when it is necessary to evaluate a contractor’s performance Plan the evaluation Evaluate a contractor’s performance Take corrective action Document the results.Cost is $3,750.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

Acquisition of Commercial Items

This course is worth 16 Continuous Learning Points. This course is worth 16 This two-day commercial item contracting class utilizes lecture, discussion, case studies, exercises, and a quiz to train contracting personnel on commercial item contracting. Cost is $3,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify the purpose of FAR Part 12

- Determine whether or not a requirement falls within the definition of “commercial item,” and whether or not the requirement is covered by FAR Part 12 “Acquisition of Commercial Items.”

- Special Requirements for the Acquisition of Commercial Items

- Market Research - Sole Source Acquisitions of Commercial Items - Soliciting Quotations-Request for - -Quotations-Commercial Pricing FAQs.

- Streamlined Procedures for Evaluation and Solicitation for Commercial Items-Commercial Item Contract Administration

- Summarize the impact of FAR Part 12 on the award and administration of contracts covered by that FAR Part.


This three-day course is worth 24 CLPs. This course provides you with the knowledge and ability to integrate, evaluate, and lead the program strategy that merges the contract-related components of the program acquisition strategy into a viable approach for program procurement. In a simulated case-study setting, you will evaluate acquisition planning actions, adjust those plans according to policy and program risk, and then orchestrate source selection of a complex program. Exit criteria are developed and defended, as related to the program’s contracting approach, that balance stakeholder expectations of successive phases in the program lifecycle. Special treatment is given to the acquisition of services that support agency technical and business management requirements, as well as facilitating a negotiated baseline of performance between the operational users, and corresponding commercial and organic support providers. Cost is $4,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.


This three-day course is worth 24 CLPs. This course is specifically designed for Acquisition Professionals, Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and Contracting Officer’s Representatives. In this course, we teach the basic fundamentals and format for writing a Statement of Work. This course combines lecture and intense exercises, and guides the learners from development of a requirement through the writing of a Statement of Work, as well as contract administration. This curriculum is designed to assist in standardizing the SOW process within your agency, and to ensure compliance, auditability, and well formulated requirements to avoid risk. Cost is $4,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.


This is a four-day day course worth 30 Continuous Learning Points or 3 Continuous Education Units. This course is designed to improve your tradecraft in the acquisition of services. It uses a multifunctional approach that provides acquisition team members with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze and apply performance-based principles when developing requirements documents and effective business strategies for contractor-provided services. The course uses the seven-step Service Acquisition process, a team-oriented approach, and multiple interactive, hands-on, learning sessions to apply the principles. This is designed for individuals who need to improve their skills in developing and defining service requirements, supporting business strategies, and effectively managing contractor performance. However, this course may also serve as an opportunity for experienced acquisition personnel to improve their understanding of the Service Acquisition Process. Cost is $5,000.00 for up to 25 students and an additional $100 for each additional student.

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